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If you buy Marketing to Win on Amazon, in any format and forward your receipt to info@jacquelinebiggs.com then you will get access to the following bonuses. All for FREE. I have hand picked 5 partners to offer you some incredible products that will help you to make this year your most successful year in business.


What you need to do

  • Step One: Buy Marketing to win from Amazon
  • Step Two: Forward your Amazon receipt to info@jacquelinebiggs.com
  • Step Three: Check your inbox for a link to the download page (if you don’t see an email within 30 minutes make sure you check your spam folder)
  • Step Four: Choose the bonuses you want, one, or all five, it’s up to you.


Bonus One: Value: £197

bankoffuture Learn how to raise finance from an ex-investment banker, a VC, an ex fund manager, an ex private equity tax advisor and an entrepreneur that just raised at a £4m valuation. This course covers everything you need to raise finance for your business.

Graham Blaney
“This course is delivered via a structured format that provides the rigor all start-ups require to ensure potential investors have all the information they might require. Most importantly this looks at things through the eyes of an investor thus the outputs are in a variety of formats to suit the different due diligence approaches that investors will take!”


Bonus Two: Value: £32

speedreadingAlex Garcez is a speed-reading legend; in two hours he will teach you how to double your reading speed. By learning how to read faster and smarter you’ll be more focused; your mind will stop wandering and you will have better comprehension of any text. Plus you can plough through that pile of documents on your desk at break neck speed. What are you waiting for?

Tom Evans
“Alex’s course is outstanding. If you ever hear yourself saying there are not enough hours in the day, taking this course will help you claw back loads of time. His understanding of how the mind works will blow yours. Take this course today and take back some control over how you spend your waking hours.”

Bonus Three: Managing your cash flow: Value: £97

You must be on top of your numbers if your business stands any chance of reaching its fullest potential, but 80% of business owners ignore this and ultimately fail. Kelly Clifford has created a seven-module toolkit to help small business owners get up to speed on the seven key finance areas that you need to understand to avoid making many of the common mistakes made in business. Today you can get access to module three on how to manage your cash flow, you will receive video content, a comprehensive workbook, case studies and tools and templates to help you better manage cash flow in your business.

Amie Samba, CEO, Run Fun Starz Ltd
The toolkit gave me the confidence to pay more attention to the financial side of my business. It contained great knowledge which we will apply right away to get the basics right.

Bonus Four: Essential sales system for small business: Value £80


If your sales are sluggish, you need this course. Leigh Ashton is a phenomenon; over almost 30 years, Leigh has trained thousands of sales teams and business owners on how improve their sales, with impressive results. She has developed a system that works and one that enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. And it’s yours for FREE.

Lynn Batham – Alan Batham Digital Photography
“My perception of selling was a poor one… and I would put off the dreaded sales activity with a lame excuse. I’ve put into practice the positive ways to turn situations around that would previously have been a huge challenge to me. Leigh is the “John Lewis” of the sales world! She delivers what she promises and I trust her!!”

Bonus Five: Legally Branded – The 10 commandments for business in a knowledge economy Value: £25

Some of the most valuable assets your business generates in the knowledge economy are intangible, typically representing 50% – 70% of corporate value. Intangibles are your knowledge, your brands, your digital content, and more. Unless you are an intellectual property expert it can be difficult to know how to identify, build and preserve your valuable assets.

Read this whitepaper if you want practical, actionable advice from an intellectual property expert on how to protect and capitalise your intellectual property. Shireen Smith is an entrepreneur, solicitor and founder of Azrights Solicitors, an Intellectual Property law firm.

Rob Killeen, Business Manager at Capital Fortune
“Shireen is a gifted lawyer, extremely able and bright. She is not only a great orator, translating difficult points in a clear, understandable and concise manner but also possesses the detailed forensic skills required from a legal pofessional dealing with your intellectual property.”